Walking for Families

By Kiri Kane

This May I am aiming to walk the  full length of the magnificent Larapinta Trail, a 230 km trek through the magnificent Toritija /West MacDonnell Ranges.

In my 11th  year working for Ronald McDonald House Charities I have witnessed first hand the trauma, challenges, hardship and  grief that so many families have experienced when their child is unwell. But I have also  been privileged to witness and be part of the care and support we provide our families from the time they arrive at one of  our 4 Houses  to  when they go home and beyond. 

All of our services, from accommodation and hospital respite facilities, to educational support when children return to school, are at no cost to families.

Whilst I  take a break and reconnect to the outdoors,  I will also be taking the  opportunity to raise some  funds. If you are able to donate  a little I would be so grateful;  it will go a long way to supporting families with seriously ill children. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Riley And Fam

Enjoy the wander Aunty K!!


Frances Burns

You’re a star Kiri. Hope it’s a smooth adventure for you x


Brendon Lindsey


The Di Dio’s

We are so proud of you!


Dee Tunningley

You are inspirational KK, best of luck with the walk, stay save and away from the mice. Looking forward to our beach holiday afterwards.


The Giles Crew

We’ll be cheering you on from a far. Enjoy the serenity!


Anita Neville

Go Kiri, you’re amazing!


Lez Platt

Your an inspiration sister ❤️


Jason Wall

Enjoy Kiri. What a wonderful effort!


Martin And Di Kenny

Stay safe Kiri and look after those poor feet😘😘


Poules Family

Happy hiking!! From the Poules’


Peter Bishop


Marika Marks

Kiri, I’ve always thought you to be a Wonder Woman! Good on you, and enjoy 😊


Barbara Emblin

Go girl !


Lorna Campbell


Dayle Cummings

Go get ‘em Kiri. Enjoy the experience! You are a wonderful human for putting yourself out there to support your families! X


Sam Isaacson

Good Luck Kiri


Heidi Collins

Have an AMAZING time. You are such an inspiration xx


Tanya D

Good luck Kiri!!!


Lesh Fecondo

Go Kanye!!!!


Liz Shaw

You are so inspiring Kiri! A privilege to know you, work alongside you, and learn from you! You've got this! Way to go!!!!!!!!


Elly Cotsopoulos

I admire your sense of adventure- have fun !


Rob And Ashton

So proud of you hon! We're here cheering you on xx



Have an awesome adventure! Good socks, comfy shoes essential!


Ben & Lisi Smith


Aran B

Great effort Kiri!


Emma, Jon, Lukey, Liv & Abbey

An amazing adventure, best of luck KK! Xx



Hey Kiri, sorry it's not much but wanted to show my appreciation in a small way. Stay awesome x


Charlotte Arkley

Go on Kiri you superstar!


Alex Lederman

So great! Proud of you and the work you do x



You’re amazing!! Xxxxx


Cherie Shw

Have a wonderful trip!


Scotti Browne

You got this KK!




Katrina Howard

Good Luck!


Bridget Bruorton