In Memory of Beth

By James, Jess and Millie

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Honouring Beth's Memory

In November 2021, we sadly lost our youngest daughter, Beth, to a rare and aggressive form of cancer. From when the cancer was discovered to her passing was less than three weeks, and she was only eight months old. 

During that traumatic time, the Ronald McDonald House provided us a room so we could stay close to the hospital which allowed us to navigate the COVID 19 restrictions at the time, and ensure we could be with Beth as much as possible, Most importantly, it allowed both of us to be by her side at the end. As such, we would like to show our thanks for the work that Ronald McDonald House has done for us and other families experiencing similar hardships by sponsoring a room at the Parkville House and doing so in Beth's name.

Over the month of March, Beth's birth month, we will each be covering 262km to celebrate Beth's life - one km for each of the 262 days she was with us. Beth's big sister, Millie, is going to join the challenge this year and will cover 26.2 kms over the month. We would greatly appreciate the support towards this and our financial goal to help provide for the many families who sadly have to navigate similar experiences to us.

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Sunday 31st Mar
The month of March has, as always is the case for us now, been one of bittersweet and mixed emotions. However, we are so humbled by all the support from everyone throughout this past month, and are so grateful for everyone who has donated. Achieving our fundraising goal was vitally important to us in order to honor the memory of our beautiful, joyous Beth, and knowing that the funds raised will go towards helping other families who need the services of RMHC helps give our own tragic experience some meaning and purpose.

As well as our fundraising goal, Jess, Millie and I have also managed to achieve the distance challenge we set ourselves throughout the month. Whilst it certainly was painful at times, having something to strive towards has helped give a difficult month for our family focus, and once again we are so thankful for all the support we received while undertaking it.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Russell Tulett

Keep the KMs coming! Thinking of you all, Beth is forever with you and with us all xx


Julia Ewing

With you every step of the way 💕. I know how valuable being able to stay close to Beth was to both of you.. What a positive way to honour her memory with a room in her name.


Graham And Jill Hilton

Well done J,J &M Thinking of you in this year's fundraising efforts in memory of Beth. Jill and Graham



I'd give anything to be chasing you around the house instead of getting these kilometres done. You are so loved and missed my beautiful Bethy.



We miss you everyday, and whish that you were still with us.


Gerald Ewing

So glad you had this support at the most difficult time of your lives and a great way to honour Beth’s memory. Grandadx



I know that RMH was helpful to you at a very difficult time. Happy 3rd heavenly birthday Beth 🥳


Jenny O'keefe

All our love 💕


Laura Mcnamara

Thinking of your beautiful Beth and your gorgeous family xx


George, Ali’s & Bertie

What a wonderful way to honour Beth! You’re all an inspiration! All our love George, Ali and Bertie


Lu And Craig Mcnally

What a wonderful way to honour Beth’s memory 💕


Lizzie And Ryan

Such a huge effort by you all this month! You’re amazing. So much love from us x


Eden Hair Energy


Sally Merryfull



Brendan Thurbon


Alex & Liv

Sending love team. ❤️


Jude Chesterman

Ronald McDonald accommodation is so essential, very special memorial. Hi Millie, Bella and Livvy loved playing with you in the UK (the night before the wedding). (I’m Ali’s Mum)


Alicia And Ben

Sending our love to Jess, James, Millie, my favourite co-worker and the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen, sweet Beth - thank you for all the smiles x


Andrew And Rachel Simpson

We are thinking of you and beautiful Beth. Good luck with your fundraising mission!


The Fitzpatricks

We love you all and are remembering the bright light and beautiful soul Beth is and will always be in your lives. Sending all of our love.


Katrina C

What a lovely way to remember Beth.


Rachel Jellis

Love you so much! Thinking of you all!


Sarah Hoye



Amelia & Josh

What a great cause and we hope this helps others in need during tough times. ♥️



Sending love from Aunty CeeCee ❤️ you are so close to your goal!


Karen And David Peaston

What a wonderful gift to offer others whose pain you know only too well. Dear little Beth would be very proud of her big-hearted, philanthropic family. Love to you all ❤️🌹


Jude And Jon Piercey

In memory of beautiful Beth With love ❤️ Jude and Jon


Steven Porter

Thinking of you all good luck with your walking.


Nick & Amy


Ollie Piercey


Ronan & Katie

Lots of love to you all! Beth will forever be in our hearts X


Kelly Breen

Love to you all


Helen Warwick- Whearty

Sending love and support to you all Helen and family


Sue Purcell

A wonderful way to celebrate Beth's birthday month!💖


Baker Family

Always in our hearts, beautiful Beth ❤️ All our love.


Jenna Beaumont

Big love to you Ewing family ❤️ count me in for some laps of the oval too!


Vivien Cornish

Sending love and support for a wonderful cause




Sandra Tomkinson

Thinking of you all x


Catherine Selden

Love. 🥰


Kirby Mcintyre


Sandy Cooling


Jodee Price

You are champions Jess and family 🥰



You guys are awesome. Thinking of you all this month 🤍


Sally Douglas



Sending love to you all ❤️


Dawne Usher


Kate Tate

What a beautiful way to honour your Beth. Count me in for some laps of the oval!


The Gulson Family

Thinking of you all🌸


Owen And Karly

A beautiful way to remember Beth. We also recently experienced the support of the RM houses and understand how important their work is ❤


Kellie Eagleson


Mary Rudd


Dave And Iana Thurstans

With all our love xx


Kate Storer

What a beautiful thing to do for others ❤️


Nicole Warwick


Mckechnie Family


Megan Rapeport

Great work!!


Benjamin Porter

Love uncle Ben


Daniela Borys

What an amazing gesture for your sweet Beth. Sending you our love and strength and lots of kilometres! Love the Borys’s



🌈 ❤️



I was at school with Julia. Heartbroken for you all but salute this positive action. Love from Eastbourne, UK


Matt Craig